In cooperation with Hirschmann (Belden Brand) our mission is to assist customers in the development of industrial network structure from network design to professional service and configuration. Hirschmann products completely fulfil the strictest industrials requirement where redundant power supply, fast recovery time, extended temperature and high MTBF value assure high performance and reliability over time. One of the most important features of Hirschmann products is the ring redundancy system.

Different rings type are available in Hirschmann Products:

- Hyper Ring;
- Fast Hyper Ring;
- MRP.

Hirschmann can provide layer 2 and layer 3 network devices, more over is possible to complete network with Wireless Devices and firewall devices.

  • Entry Level Hubs and Switches (Unmanaged);
  • Compact Industrial Switches (Managed);
  • Workgroup Switches;
  • Power Over Ethernet;
  • Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Control Cabinet Switches;
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2);
  • Modular Industrial Switches;
  • Robust DIN Rail Switches;
  • Backbone Switches;
  • Waterproof IP67/IP65 Industrial Switches;
  • Industrial Firewall System;
  • Industrial Wireless LAN;
  • Serial to Ethernet Converters;
  • Network Management Software;
  • Wide Area Networking (ADSL, UMTS).

More details are available here